How do I Defer my Race Registration?

BATTLE RACES offers the ability to Defer your race registration from ANY BATTLE RACE to another BATTLE RACE, this option is available within your Personal Event Profile.

To access your personal Event Profile, log into ChronoTrack Live with the email address you used during your race registration. (This will be the email address that you received your Confirmation Email with). Click HERE to log in to CT Live.

1. Find your event in the Events tab under the PAST section of your CT Live profile, then click on the blue Change Race button.

2. Once you click the Change Race button, follow the steps to Defer your Race registration. 


3. You will be issued a Deferral code that can be used in future events.


Your Deferral Code will be posted in a few places for reference:

- The code will be displayed in the deferral window directly after payment screen. Due to the date   change there will be on deferral fee charged. 

- It will also be listed within the Deferral Confirmation Email you will receive after payment.

- The Deferral Code will be posted under the Coupons section in your profile, along with its Value and a link to view eligible events that the code can be used for.

4. Register for the new event like you did before. When you reach the screen asking for a promotional code, enter your coupon code. You will receive 100% credit as long as you register for the same wave. Example Elite to Elite 100%, Open to Open 100%. You will still need to pay the race license and processing fees.


Please Note: If you have questions or are confused about any aspect of your Race Deferral, email to review the options that are available to you BEFORE completing the Deferral process.

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